Junior High School

Teaching at the Kotronis Schools aims at the formation of a complete personality as well as the acquisition of a positive attitude towards learning.

A child’s junior high school education coincides with his transition from childhood to adolescence. Life in the 21st century calls for teenagers to face constant changes and challenges, in a critical period of their physical, intellectual and mental development, a period of uncertainty and question marks.

The context of this learning and age renewal, which characterizes the nature of the Junior High School student, also determines the goals of our educational planning at this level.

At the Junior High School of Kotronis Schools we lay the foundations of tomorrow’s academic citizen.

All courses contribute to this goal, each from its own point of view. That is why we seek the correct foundation of scientific concepts, the development of initiative and responsibility of our students, the exercise of their critical thinking and the approach of knowledge objects through the diversity of teaching ways.

Our purpose is to highlight the physical, intellectual and mental gifts of our students, educating people with sensitivities, understanding, willingness to cooperate in issues concerning Greek society and the international community, people who recognize the common human nature and undertake the protection of the planet with a sense of responsibility, contributing to the creation of a fairer and more peaceful world.

In particular, the Junior High School Curriculum of the Kotronis Modern Schools includes the courses determined by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore:

  • Enhances the curriculum with additional teaching hours in English and Second Foreign Language courses.
  • Expands the curriculum with additional activities and educational programs such as Innovative Programs, Sports Activities and Clubs.
  • It implements a personalized teaching program that highlights the abilities and skills of each student, fully covering the school curricula.
  • It pioneers the use of technology to serve learning objectives.
  • Makes up for students’ lessons due to their justified absence from school with the aim of covering the material taught by the teaching professor.
  • It methodically prepares students for the acquisition of foreign language and computer certificates that are essential resources for modern society.

The Junior High School Curriculum aims to lay a solid foundation for the achievement of academic, social and professional success, emotional integration and moral education of our teenagers.