At the Kotronis Schools, the Kindergarten lays the foundations for the complete and balanced development of children. Pre-school and early childhood education is provided for children from 4 to 6 years old.

In our Kindergarten, we seek to build solid foundations for the all-round development of children and their subsequent positive attitude towards learning, respecting the uniqueness of each child. The supportive environment and encouragement develop in our students a sense of security. They believe in themselves and become creative and active. This is how they discover their environment and share their experiences. Therefore, children’s experiences and actions are the main body of education.

At the same time, knowing well that the most effective early childhood education programs are those that involve parents in the children’s learning processes, we rely on close School-Family collaboration. When children perceive that school and home work in harmony, they feel more secure as their two worlds merge. We work with parents, respecting their views and promoting the principles of the school and our scientific position.

The Kindergarten Curriculum is made up of pedagogical principles, which stem from the most modern research and theoretical data for the development and education of preschool children. At our school, the program is constantly being adapted and renewed. Its goal is the development of creative thinking, freedom and respect for individual effort. With the above, the emotional empowerment of the child is cultivated.

Our students:

  • Are entertained
  • Communicate
  • Express themselves
  • Cultivate
  • Familiarize themselves