Primary School

At the Primary School of Kotronis Schools we have deep knowledge of how important a child's first contact with systematic learning is and how it affects his later cognitive and mental development.

Our Primary School is an Experiential School, a School of life, which aims to provide a multifaceted education. The teaching is creative, systematic, modern with the aim of expanding thinking and cultivating the soul through active learning techniques and an interdisciplinary approach to the material.

A key component of our educational methodology is the Discovery teaching model, which provides for the acquisition of knowledge through experience, reflection, example, observation, analysis and research.

That is why in our Primary School our students are encouraged to:

  • Learn how to learn
  • Gain knowledge through experience
  • Actively participate
  • Research and Discover
  • Understand and Interpret
  • Express themselves through art
  • Coexist and work together harmoniously in groups
  • Act as responsible citizens
  • Train the body and the soul
  • Cultivate values

In this context, we build the acceptance of social values, the development of mental, emotional and psychosocial abilities and skills, seeking with innovative educational tools to make our students able to face problems with ease, form an opinion and function as responsible citizens with critical thinking in a constantly changing and demanding social environment.