Senior High School

The Senior High School of Kotronis Schools focuses on the implementation of a demanding curriculum, preparing the school's student potential for successful admission to Universities in Greece and abroad.

In this context, at the Senior High School of our Schools:

  • A methodically developed program is implemented with an emphasis on courses that are examined at a national level while meeting the students’ need for broader intellectual development and the development of skills and inclinations.
  • Timely completion of the material is planned, so that there is time for repetitions.
  • An intensive program of repeated exams and diagnostic tests is implemented for the students of the 1st grade for the assimilation of the knowledge objects and for the extensive checking of their knowledge.
  • In addition to the regular re-examinations and tests, simulation exams are held for the students of the 2nd and 3rd grade, which contribute to the management of wider sections of the school curricula and follow the standards of the national exams.
  • The course program is enriched with the Extended Curriculum, aiming to strengthen the students in their preparation for the National Examinations.
  • A system of continuous Formative Assessment is implemented, the results of which provide the impetus for further strategizing and defining individual programs at school and at home.
  • Summer intensive preparation courses for the 3rd grade students in the nationally examined courses are implemented.
  • The course program is expanded with additional activities and educational programs such as Cultural Activities, participation in Competitions, National or International Conferences and European Programs.
  • Students are supported by teachers with individualized instruction in order to fully understand the subject matter, a goal aided by the ideal numerical size of our school as well as small classes, which allows systematic monitoring of students’ academic performance.
  • A program for making up lessons is implemented for students who cannot attend due to their justified absence from school.
  • Student effort is further supported through teacher-student collaboration hours, during which teachers are available to support students on subjects related to the subjects being taught.
  • We pioneer the use of technology to serve learning goals.
  • We methodically prepare students for foreign language certificates, which are very important resources for modern society.
  • Appropriate psychological help and support is provided to the students, so that they can continue their work smoothly, organized and creatively.
  • Continuous, objective and immediate information is provided to parents in face-to-face meetings or by telephone or in writing through our electronic platform or by sending emails.