In this section you can find all the eTwinning projects we implement for the “Kotronis Schools”, our actions, the children’s activities, as well as our achievements.

E-Twinning is a European initiative through which schools from different European countries, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools, work together to gain educational, social and cultural benefits.

E-Twinning gives schools the opportunity to learn together, share their perspectives and create new friendships.

It offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, headmasters, librarians, etc.) working in a school in a participating European country to communicate, collaborate, carry out projects with their students, share and, in short, be part of Europe’s most exciting learning community.

All European students will have the opportunity through eTwinning and assisted by their teachers, to participate in joint pedagogical projects with a school from another European country. This action encourages youth from different countries to learn about each other and about their school and family culture, while practising their ICT skills. eTwinning improves the pedagogical process, while schools see it as a value-adding activity to conventional learning. However, this is not the only objective of eTwinning, which goes beyond the narrow concept of thematic cooperation between schools but also aims at a full and consistent cooperation between schools at all levels ( students, teachers, classes and school management).

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