Monsters in Danger of Extinction

The Senior High School of the Kotronis Schools implements an Erasmus+ KA229 project of two years (2020-2022), entitled “Monsters In Danger of Extinction”. In the framework of this project, our senior high school collaborates with “IES Miguel de Unamuno BHI” located in Bilbao, Spain, as well as with the “Spanish Society of Classical Studies”, the “Association for the Promotion of the Greek Language Periplo” and the “National Museum of Reproductions” of Bilbao, which participate in the project as external partners. In this Erasmus programme, students study mythical beings from the pantheon of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the way they have been reflected in art and ancient Greek and Latin literature, and their repercussions in contemporary Western culture. The programme includes close cooperation between teachers and students with the mentioned parties, as well as travel and exchanges in both countries.

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