«We Europe: Active European Citizens»

This school year, the students of the Senior High School of the Kotronis Schools will implement a European eTwinning project on Europe. The project aims to raise their awareness of the values of parliamentarianism and political democracy in the EU.

It aims to bring them into contact with issues concerning the structure, operation and role of the institutions of the European Union, to help them understand its political and legal framework and to make them aware of their rights as European citizens. Through a series of activities, students from the 11 countries involved in the project will have the opportunity to communicate, interact and cooperate with each other, creating a wide range of products. In this way, they will foster respect and tolerance for difference and understand the importance of active citizenship, which implies being informed about the common good and knowing one’s rights and obligations as a citizen. In this way, this project aims to reinforce the students’ identity as European citizens who actively participate in political developments within the European Union.

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