At the Kotronis Schools we believe that water sports offer multiple benefits and are one of the most beneficial sports activities.

The swimming centre of our Schools is a modern private facility with an indoor heated swimming pool that meets all the necessary hygiene and safety standards. The safety of those who participate in our Swimming Centre’s swimming programmes is of the utmost significance. For this reason, water quality checks are carried out on a regular basis. In addition, our pools are sterilised using the safest and most effective methods available.

The swimming lessons are addressed not only to the students of our school but also to the wider group of children and teenagers (7 – 13 years old) once or twice a week and in the afternoons.

In the facilities of our Schools, children can relax, have fun and exercise in accordance with their age and needs throughout the year from September to July. Swimming lessons are always carried out under the supervision of qualified instructors, physical education teachers specializing in swimming, with expertise in lifeguarding, ensuring the proper conduct of the lessons, always ensuring proper training and proper swimming instruction.

Through the swimming programme, which includes the learning of the four styles (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly) and the techniques of the sport, children have the opportunity to develop their physical and mobility skills, to acquire the correct posture while swimming and to protect their physical integrity. The swimming programme consists of various segments, which are formulated according to the age and swimming level of the participants.