At the Kotronis Schools, the students of our Kindergarten and Primary School wear the specified sportswear with the insignia of the Schools, on a daily basis and at cultural events and excursions.

The establishment of the daily school uniform for the students of the Modern Kotroni Schools is related to the following pedagogical principles:

  • It eliminates all forms of discrimination.
  • It ensures control and safety.
  • It fosters team spirit, respect and equality.
  • It focuses students’ attention on the learning process and thus improves their performance.
  • It increases school pride and student unity.
  • It responds to the spirit of economy imposed by our times.
Our students, on a daily basis, as well as at events and cultural excursions, are obliged to wear the designated uniform with the School’s insignia. The school uniform refers specifically to sportswear bearing the insignia of the Schools. The clothing is of excellent quality, with embroidered and three-dimensional logos and is available in a variety of designs.

The sportswear is manufactured by a company that specializes in the design, production and marketing of children’s and sportswear, while its distribution is done by a cooperating distributor store in Nafpaktos.

For more information about school clothing and ordering, parents can contact the school’s secretariat or the shop CAROUSEL KIDS, Nafpaktos, Intze 6, tel. 2634-301331/6942011980, Contact person Mrs. Koutsogianni Vicky.

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