In the school’s premises there is both a cafeteria and a dining area. The School Restaurant is located in an independent area on the first floor of the building of the Primary School. The dining area is fully functional and meets the nutritional needs of the students of our Schools.

School life is an important period for learning and implementing healthy behaviours. School meals are essentially part of the educational process. In this context, for proper and healthy nutrition we provide nutritious snacks and quality meals.

The students of the Modern Kotroni Schools who attend the Extended Zone of the educational program have the option of being served with their own food, which they bring from home and is served hot with salad and bread on the student’s personal tray or with a meal from the partner catering company APIKO Catering. 

The monthly menu is characterized by its high credibility, while it is prepared daily from selected ingredients of excellent quality, based on the Mediterranean diet, the use of unprocessed ingredients as far as possible, tested for quality and their origin and the exclusion of unnecessary animal fat or additional chemical additives. The preparation of meals is based on the criteria: variety, balance and the needs of the students.

In any case, for students using the school’s dining hall, the rules of behavior apply, as described in the Internal Regulations of the Kotronis Schools.