Jannis Artinopoulos – Official Documentary 2022

Directed by Yannis Krideras | Production: Kotronis Schools © 2022

It is said that from the moment we are born, the place around us begins to quietly shape the space within us. Our inner map is shaped in response to our geographical journey, imbued with our experiences. Place and experience are like communicating vessels. The place of origin is our beginning, the first background of life. The places we travel through seem like the successive brushstrokes of a painter tracing the gift of life. One such painter, the artist from Nafpaktos, Yannis Artinopoulos, a passenger and tracer in the contemporary visual arts, has dipped and continues to dip his brush into the navel of the experiences that his life’s journey gives him. This is what this tribute documentary traces, focusing on his work and his life.

The documentary is directed by Yannis Krideras who also wrote the original music. The cinematography is done by Dimitris Sioutis and the production is by the Kotronis Schools |

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