The contribution of the psychologist-psychotherapist Mrs.Kekilia Katsivardas, a partner of our Schools, is a valuable support for teachers, students and parents.

The regular conduction of training seminars and individualized sessions is an invaluable aid in carrying out the pedagogical work of our teachers.

Actively supporting parents and students, the counselling support-intervention of the psychologist aims both at promoting the psycho-emotional and social health of our students and improving their learning progress and at strengthening the role of parents themselves.

Discreetly but essentially, in a climate of acceptance and trust, the guidance of the psychologist as an open, warm embrace empowers and helps our school community to “flourish”!

Short biography

The psychologist-psychotherapist Ms. Kakilia Katsivarda has been working in counselling and therapy with families, couples, young people, adolescents and children since 2005 and as a supervisor of psychologists, psychotherapists, educators and trainees in Greece and abroad.

Her extensive studies include degrees in Psychology, Counselling and Vocational Guidance as well as in Pedagogical Studies.

Her postgraduate studies are in Counselling in Education, School Psychology with emphasis on Emotional Education and Social and Preventive Medicine, while she is a PhD candidate at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


She is certified in Special Education. She is a licensed family systemic therapist and couples therapist. In addition, she is a licensed psychotrauma therapist as well as certified in addiction treatment , with an emphasis on Internet addiction. She has also implemented and coordinated Health Education/Career Education programs, has been a trainer of adult educators and has participated as a trainer in seminars and workshops for training experts and education executives in Greece and abroad.

Her research interests and scientific publications are related to addictions, alcoholism and suicide prevention.

She is actively involved in the treatment of addictions and dependencies, serving voluntarily the KOPA of Patras (Hudolin method), collaborates in European projects as a scientific officer, which aim to address discrimination and stigmatization of vulnerable social groups, giving speeches and actions to raise awareness in the community on addictions, family counseling, school performance, school refusal, etc.

Finally, he has twenty-three years of service in public secondary education as well as in administrative and staff positions.

Currently, she serves at the 1st K.E.S.Y. of Achaia as a Vocational Guidance Counsellor.