Vocational Orientation

At the Kotronis Schools, vocational orientation is one of the main pillars of the educational programme. The aim is to provide proper support and complete preparation of students initially in the choice of a field of study and later on in the choice of vocational training. The trinity on which the philosophy of the Counselling & Vocational Guidance services is structured is:

  • Recognition of students’ aptitudes
  • Information
  • Consulting

Consulting services are based on an evolutionary and multidimensional approach and are constantly updated according to new trends. In this context, a team of teachers and researchers of the school consistently and methodically design experiential and interdisciplinary activities, which offer students as many stimuli as possible, helping them in their self-awareness and future professional choices. With this in mind, it is sought to help students understand themselves better, gradually setting goals and planning their careers step by step.

Thus, in the first grade of the senior high school specialized programs are implemented to identify professional trends and potentials on the basis of 21st century skills (soft skills training), while in the second grade a Career Interest Identification Program is carried out, supporting students in the crucial decisions they are called upon to make leading up to the third grade. In this context, the mapping of their personal interests and the filling of information gaps such as the Educational System for University Admission, the Study Programmes of the Schools of the Greek Academic Charter & their compatibility with their interests, aptitudes and preferences, the Labour Market and Employment Prospects are sought.

For each student of the senior high school, a teacher-counsellor is appointed, who, with his/her enhanced psychological and educational role, undertakes to monitor the student’s academic and pedagogical progress. At the same time, in cooperation with the Psychologist of the Kotronis Schools, we offer counselling services on issues related to aspects of our students’ school life. Therefore, the students of the first grade are encouraged to gradually acquire a broader knowledge of their skills and strategies in decision making, as well as a critical attitude to the complex information they receive. In the second and third grades, with the development of specific strategies, students are facilitated in their decision making, so that their personal goals become more specific in accordance with their personal commitments, their active stance on the messages they receive and the rapid developments in the various professional fields. For this reason, they following programmes and activities are implemented:

  • Career Education Programmes
  • Programmes to assess students’ vocational interests and preferences (testing)
  • Information visits to University Institutions, Research Centres and business premises
  • Special educational activities that familiarize students with the Economy, Entrepreneurship, the Labour Market, the concept of Social Responsibility, Green Development, problem-solving strategies, effective time management, taking responsibility roles, self-care, etc.
  • “Job Orientation Days”, during which renowned professionals from the fields of Work, Science, Arts, Sports and Letters are invited to the school to address students, answer their questions and provide them with information about the career options open to them.
  • Entrepreneurship programmes that familiarise them with the market economy and the concept of “business”
  • Access to both printed and digital information material (study guides, professional monographs, etc.) in the school library
  • Information activities in the framework of Parental Counselling in order for parents/guardians to effectively support their children on the path of self-awareness and career choices.