Our philosophy

Kotronis Schools is a Greek educational institution consisting of: Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior and Senior High School. It is a democratic, open and friendly school.

Our vision is to actively contribute to the modernisation of Greek education, with the mission to prepare tomorrow’s citizens of Greece and the world, aiming to cultivate integrated personalities with developed personal and social skills.

We believe that it is the philosophy of Democracy and of human equality that considers young people’s personalities unique, facing their idiosyncrasies, inclinations and talents with sensitivity and respect. That is why we aim for the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes that constitute the modern democratic state so that young people can:

  • Be democratic, spontaneous, honest, bold and socially responsible.
  • Be influenced by the values ​​of social justice and solidarity.
  • Experience conditions of equality between the two sexes and to manage the diversity of today’s multicultural societies with knowledge and sensitivity.
  • Respect and protect the natural and cultural environment and promote sustainable development.
  • Establish mental and physical well-being through physical exercise, proper nutrition, a balanced lifestyle and understand that leisure time should be a period of creative activity and pleasant social interaction.
  • Stand up for what they believe in and avoid manipulation by those around them.

We believe that a fragmented education makes it impossible for us to find the connection between the elements that constitute a well-rounded knowledge. That is why the educational planning is uniform from Kindergarten to High School. The weight, depending on each level, gradually shifts from rich educational activities to purely academic learning, with the aim of conditioning students to the successful continuation of their studies in higher education after their graduation from High School.

We believe that people are required to perceive things as a whole. That is why we seek to connect school life with everyday life through flexible educational programmes. We avoid “encyclopaedism”, creating methodologies that contribute to the cultivation of all the qualities, abilities and skills required in 21st century society – (key skills) so that young people can be distinguished by:

  • Critical thinking and reflective management of knowledge.
  • Theoretical thinking and ability to turn theory into practice.
  • Abilities and skills of analysis and planning.
  • Willingness and ability to work collectively and exchange information.
  • Ability to solve problems and be prepared to look for alternative solutions and develop alternative theories.
  • Excellent, tested and prudent use of information and communication technologies.
  • Empathy and interpersonal communication skills.

Our belief is that school should be a happy and fruitful experience, shaped by experiential teaching and examples, mental and spiritual cultivation, respect and devotion to Greek tradition and the European orientation of our society. That is why the basic pedagogical principles we serve in our school are:

  • Student-centred teaching
  • Respect for the special characteristics of childhood and youth
  • Stress-free schooling
  • School for children and young people

We believe in discipline as a means of exercising and shaping character, aiming at self-esteem, experiential acquisition of a sense of moderation, through recognising and respecting the personality of others, cultivating social awareness and generosity and of course caring for and protecting the school and natural environment.

Our belief is that healthy competition is a prerequisite for strengthening the sense of belonging. Therefore, we seek to cultivate a sense of solidarity through teamwork on personal initiative, the use of a variety of innovative digital technology tools that promote interpersonal communication and participation in social and cultural events.

We believe that in our fluid age, education cannot remain static but must be adapted to the ever-evolving needs. Otherwise it will not be fit for purpose. That is why our school is an organisation that strives to develop, learn and innovate.

To this end:

  • It emphasises the continuous training of the teaching staff, the continuous evaluation, the convergence with the information society and the coexistence with Europe, participating in national and European educational programmes.
  • Is open to new ideas through experimentation, research and synthesis.
  • It develops strategies that prepare them to tackle the uncertainties in life.
  • It collaborates with scientific, social and academic bodies.